Bring Tremendous Trivia to your bar, pub, or restaurant establishment. We promise to deliver 2 hours of trivia entertainment for your patrons that will transform your slowest night into one of your busiest! With our proven formula to captivate the audience while they spend money on food and drinks, Tremendous Trivia clients have seen increases in attendance and revenue. The only thing we need from you is a willingness to participate. We do all the set-up and performance, while you reap the rewards!

  • Dramatically increase revenue on a typical “Off-night.”
  • Create new “Regulars” for your establishment.
  • Keep existing patrons in their seats for longer eating and drinking.
  • Use our marketing and Social Media tools to promote your venue’s visibility in the community.

Tremendous Trivia is designed to attract repeat customers, enhance patron experiences, and maximize profitability for bars and restaurants with minimal effort by staff and management.

We provide all of the tools to ensure your event is a success, including advanced marketing flyers, playing materials, and audio equipment.