How to Become a Winning Tremendous Trivia Team

Bar trivia is a great way to spend time with your family or friends and learn something along the way. Just playing is a lot of fun but we know that you want to climb your way up the leaderboard to the top of the rankings. With winning trivia night comes bragging rights and great prizes. So how do you become a Tremendous Trivia champion? We’ve got five tricks and tips to help you and your team take home the title.


1. Pick teammates with diverse areas of knowledge

For a well-rounded team you want to think about the categories of questions you see in a trivia show. You want to cover the classics of course. It’s always great to have people who know their geography, history, science, and literature, but remember that you don’t have to just pick all your academic friends. Look for your pop culture superstars who know every celebrity from Andy Griffith to Andy Samberg. Find your friend who knows every Super Bowl and Stanley Cup winner since the dawn of time. Bring the person who is a walking encyclopedia in music. It can also be beneficial to have people of different ages on your team to help with generational knowledge gaps. Just like the Avengers, everyone in your group should have their own “super power”. You can have up to eight players on your team so start assembling!


2. Keep up to date with current events

Tremendous Trivia shows always have a question dedicated to current events from the past week or two, but even outside of that question, topics in the news can often teach you! Whether it be world events, politics, entertainment or sports, often stories in our present also tell you historical facts. If it’s a team’s third time in the playoffs, you might learn when the other two times happened. If an artist is only the second woman to win an award, you might also learn the first. Being aware of what’s happening in our world can help you be more knowledgeable about what’s shaped it!


3. Find the joy in life-long learning

As humans we should never stop growing and expanding our knowledge. Trivia isn’t only a great place to show off your knowledge, it’s also a great place to learn things. Coming week after week is one of the best ways to help you get better and be successful. That being said, your learning shouldn’t stop within the walls of your favourite local bar or restaurant. It’s like being in school: the more you study, the better you do. Although unlike studying for school, studying for trivia shouldn’t be stressful or a chore! Look for videos, books, podcasts and articles that actually interest you. You might enjoy watching quiz television shows like Jeopardy, The Chase, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and The Weakest Link and playing along. Ask your friends and family to share their favourite fun facts with you and share yours with them. Have conversations with people who might know things you don’t. To be a great trivia player is to borrow from other people’s wealth of knowledge to expand your own.


4. Pay attention to trivia question patterns

At Tremendous Trivia, we pride ourselves in having a great variety of questions. That being said, there are always staples when it comes to trivia. For example, certain events may come up in different ways (i.e. wars) and knowing elements of the periodic table can often be helpful for many science-themed trivia questions. We had a regular team of university students at one of our venues who was struggling with our Classic Name That Tune round. They decided to spend a few weeks finding popular artists from the 60s to early 90s and assigned each of their team members a few of them to listen to their top songs. They started seeing their scores in that round increase and their position on the leaderboard climbing! Knowing what might be asked and what you don’t know and bridging that gap can help your team be even more successful.


5. Have fun!


No matter how your team is doing, remember that trivia nights are supposed to be fun! It doesn’t help anyone when ambitions cloud camaraderie. Playing week after week is one way to help your score improve, but it should never seem like a chore because you’re so worried about who got the answer wrong or right within your team. At the end of the day, winning isn’t everything. Sometimes it really is the facts along the way learned, and the people you learned them with that make for a rewarding and great time. Know that your trivia host is also cheering you on, wherever you end up on our scoreboard. We just want to see you having fun and trying your best. With a winning attitude, you’ll always walk away feeling like a winner at a Tremendous Trivia night.

Are you ready to become a Tremendous Trivia winner? Using these five steps, your team will be in a better position to podium. We know you have all the skills you need to be the best and we believe in you, so let’s take your training on a test run. Visit us at one of our local trivia nights near you. We can’t wait to cheer you and your team on!