Seeking Out Pub and Bar Venue Partners All Across Canada, Including the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec and The Maritimes!

We are now Canada’s largest and most popular trivia event provider, with 70 events per week at venues throughout Western Canada and Ontario.

If you bring trivia, they will come!

Tremendous Trivia nights are a fun, unique way to bring in clientele, even on the slowest of days. New and regular customers are entertained and in their seats longer with food and drink. Tremendous Trivia players love to come back every week for more.

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Feeling puzzled about how to liven up your weeknight crowd?

Look no further. We are proudly Canada's largest and fastest-growing Trivia Night, offering the perfect antidote to those Empty Bar Blues. With our engaging 6 rounds of brain-teasing quizzes, your bar will buzz with enthusiastic teams, eager to claim the trivia night champion title. Our trivia sessions, including Name That Tune, are thoughtfully crafted to entertain your patrons for a delightful 2.5 hours of non-stop fun, all displayed on YOUR TVs. Tremendous Trivia clients experience consistently impressive increases in attendance and revenue on our event nights. The only thing we need from the pub is a willingness to co-promote the event, and provide a few small prizes for the winning teams. Gift certificates and “beer swag” work well!

The Full Service Package

Our host arrives fully equipped for your trivia night, providing professionally printed materials and supplies. They’ll engage guests, highlight your bar’s specials, and our social media experts will attract new customers through targeted ads, turning them into loyal fans of your establishment.




The Self Hosting Package

If you already have a fantastic trivia host, we’ll focus on attracting the crowd with printed materials, a weekly show, and advertising support. We’ll even provide comprehensive guidance on finding the right host and hosting a successful Tremendous Trivia Night.

The Independent Operator

You’re seeking top-tier content, and that’s precisely what you’ll receive. Tailored shows and materials, providing weekly digital content to keep your guests entertained and returning. Cost-effective option requires more promotion on your part, but ideal for enhancing an established trivia night.

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