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Yes, it’s true! We recently signed a contract with Telus Optik TV to produce a virtual trivia game show on their Community Showcase channels. The first 10 one-hour shows will be broadcast this summer across all the Telus platforms.

We are beyond excited about this!

Each week, four teams of 2-4 players will compete in a three-round game for the Coveted Trophy, and a chance to answer the Diabolical Final Question for a progressive cash jackpot!

Here’s where we need your help. We’re going to need trivia teams!

You can form a team of family members, best friends, or even a company team of workplace colleagues. You don’t even have to be in the same household either, as our new one-screen trivia platform will have breakout rooms.

Taping will usually take place on weekday evenings.

Here’s your chance to show off your team’s trivia skills to the world!


How Does Virtual Trivia Work?

We are glad you asked! We’d like to address a few aspects that folks bring up when they hear that we are doing our trivia online.

1. Is it really complicated to log on and play? I’m not very tech savvy.

Before the game, you are sent two links, along with some basic instructions. The first link is for the Zoom call with the host, your team, and the other players. The second link is the trivia platform, Crowdpurr, where you see and answer the questions. Many players do the Zoom call on their phone or tablet, and the Crowdpurr or their computer. Our hosts are also able to assist anyone having tech troubles before the game starts.

2. How can I play with my family and my friends in different households?

Zoom has a cool ‘breakout rooms’ feature. Once the host reads the question, you’ll be moved to a separate room with your team to discuss the answer. Only your ‘team captain’ will type in the answer.

3. How do we know that some teams aren’t using their devices to look up the answers and cheat?

We’ve built a culture in our live shows, and now online, where cheating just isn’t that common. Firstly, we use a decreasing timer for the questions that rewards those teams who know the answer right away, without looking it up. We also get real-time data coming in that alerts me to possible cheaters. The host can enter the breakout rooms any time if we have our suspicions. And once in a while we will ‘plant’ a virtually impossible question or song that would call out the Googlers. So, our teams soon realize it’s best to play the game with integrity!

4. It can’t be as fun as real live trivia, right?

Many players beg to differ! While nothing beats the competitive and entertaining atmosphere of a live Tremendous Trivia show in a bustling pub, our Virtual Trivia shows are full of the same laughter, corny jokes, and camaraderie that make trivia parties so great! You can play in the comfort of your own home, and you can form trivia teams of friends and family in different towns or even provinces or countries!

If you’d like to plan a family event, birthday party, corporate team-builder or just a social night out with friends and colleagues, CLICK HERE to find out more, and fill out the info form. We’ll get back to you right away!

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What Do People Say About Our Virtual Trivia?

We had such a great experience with our virtual staff party – you were so accommodating right from the get-go, and put in so much effort to tailor the night to our needs. Even though we were all in separate households, you managed to keep us feeling connected and foster that sense of competition with one another! The entire experience felt very professional, and everything ran so smoothly. Thanks again for hosting us – you are so incredible at what you do!